Regency Style

1. No underwear lines

Most of the fabric worn in the Regency period was filmy and clingy, so women wore minimal underwear to avoid lines. This, perhaps, is what inspired the thong.

2. Up-Dos

Hair was worn either short and curly or kept long but upswept and held in place with encircling bands – often jeweled.

3. The Spa Experience

Regency era women enjoyed the spa experience long before microdermabrasions and pumpkin peel masks. They really knew how to “take the waters.”

4. French Windows

French windows were popularized in the Regency period. Conservatories and verandas were introduced to make the transition from house to garden even more tempting.

5. Marrying for Money

Ownership of land and commodities ensured men would posses power and the ability to live a desired lifestyle. The men who possessed either or both were considered prime marriage material.

6. Fashion Plates

These were the precursor to Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, InStyle, and Glamour. Every fashionable woman read them before rushing off to shop.

7. Parties

Parties were given to introduce marriageable and desirable males to equally attractive females. Think of it as speed dating with dancing instead of talking.


People of the Regency era had great capacity for enjoyment. Whether amid the elegance of a London social season, the delights of Spa’s or dining and dancing at lavish parties in private homes, they exploited every opportunity to have fun.

Sherrill Bodine is an author, fashionista, and world traveler. She has published 19 romance novels, co-wrote a comic book, and was a contributing columnist to the Chicago Sun-Times. She currently resides in Chicago where she frequents fashion shows and charity galas with her longtime Prince Charming.

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Top 10 Little Known Influential Musicians

This is a list of artists who have influenced fellow artists profoundly in one shape or form and who have pioneered in their own way a part of music. Think of them as musician’s musicians. So, here are the top 10:

10. Richie Havens Jan 1941

Richie1 R2 C2

Havens is a folk singer/guitartist best known for his performance at the original Woodstock. He is also known for his unusual method of using open D tuning and fretting all strings which creates an intense rhythmic style. Also heard on some song recordings is a unique drumming sound which is actually his foot tapping. He had moderate fame when he reached the Billboard charts in the 70’s but until then had maintained a fairly local success within his Greenwich Village scene. He rarely wrote his own songs, but is known for the distinctive interpretations of songs that is uniquely his.

9. Ian Curtis July 1956 May 1980

Ian Curtis Control B

Vocalist and genius lyricist of Joy Division, Curtis committed suicide in 1980. The suicide was thought to be related to combination of anxiety over an upcoming North American tour the band was embarking on as well as his severe epilepsy. His on stage seizures were often mistaken for an erratic style of dance which resulted in Curtis having to be carried off stage at some performances. His legacy has grown and continues to grow World wide since his death.

8. Vini Reilly (Gerard Vincent Reilly) Aug 1953

Vin Contact

Reilly was a guitarist, singer and “Durutti Column” post-punk pioneer. He worked with Morrissey on his groundbreaking first album “Viva Hate” (1988). He also worked with John Cooper Clarke, Pauline Murray, Anne Clark, The Wake, Richard Jobson, Quando Quango, and more. He has been very influential in the musical movement now known as “chill-out electronica”.

7. Gram Parsons Nov 1946 – Sept 1973

Gram Parsons

Parsons was rated 87th on the Rolling Stones List of Greatest Artists of All Time. He was a pioneer of the 70’s rock movement in such bands as International Submarine Band, The Byrds, and The Flying Burrito Brothers. He was best known for his “anticipation” recordings of the rock country movement of the 70’s. He has a self described style of “Cosmic American Music”. He died of a drug overdose.

6. Jeff Buckley Nov 1966 – May 1997


Raised as Scotty Moorhead, Buckley was an acclaimed American Singer, songwriter and guitarist. Known for his ethereal singing voice, he was considered to be one of the most promising artists of his generation, especially after the release of his critically acclaimed 1994 debut album Grace. At the height of his popularity Buckley drowned during an evening swim in 1997. There was speculation of suicide as he had taken prescription drugs for his bi-polar disorder before the swim. His work and style continue to be highly regarded by critics and fellow musicians

5. Anton Newcombe Aug 1967


Newcombe was a multi instrumental musician and founder of the moderately successful “Brian Jonestown Massacre”. Unfortunately, his heroine addiction fueled his paranoid tendencies and erratic behavior both on and off stage. He would sometimes berate his band mates and destroy instruments in fits of rage. He proclaims to be versed with 80 or so instruments including guitar, sitar, upright bass, bagpipes, mandolin, lute, piano, organ, accordion, drums, and more. The band went their separate ways after Newcombe failed to produce a highly anticipated and hyped album that he obsessed over, so much so that he insisted they built a studio in his home so he could record at his leisure. He has since toured with a bevy of bands and claims to be sober as of 1999.

4. Dock Boggs Feb 1898 – Feb 1971


Boggs was a singer, songwriter, and banjo master who played in the style of old time mountain music and blues. He developed a 3 finger method of picking on the banjo which allowed for single note runs, much like guitarists. He recorded in 1927 with Brunswick music but didn’t record again until Mike Seeger rediscovered him in the 1960’s.

3. Townes Van Zandt Mar 1944 – Jan 1997


Townes was a musician’s musician in his time, though a virtual unknown until after his death. He was a Country Folk-Rock performer and poet with a style often referred to as “Out-law Country”. Being a heavy drinker, he lived a reclusive life during the 70’s in a cabin in Tennessee making music. He Died on New Year’s Eve 1997 due to complications from heart surgery. He has left a legacy of music that to this is day held sacred and performed by a bevy of musicians such as Lyle Lovett, Emmylou Harris, My Morning Jacket, and even the Meat Puppets.

2. Moondog: Louis Thomas Hardin May 1916 – Sept 1999


A blind homeless by choice, Hardin was an American composer who invented several instruments. He was also known as a poet and cosmologist. Eccentric at best, he went so far as to wear clothing that only he made and interpreted to be in the likeness of the Norse God Thor. It wasn’t until his later years that he began to be recognized as a musical genius and innovator. He was known for 20 years of 30 that he lived in New York as the “The Viking of 6th Ave”.

1. Daniel Johnston Jan 1961

800Px-Daniel Johnston At Emos 1

The bizarre and heart breaking story of Daniel Johnston is one recently made popular by the documentary “The Devil and Daniel Johnston” which is about his music and art, as well as his fight with mental illness. His songs poignantly display childlike wonder and hope, infused with darker themes. He had never recorded inside a studio until recent coercing because of his growing popularity and until then his method had been to simply record into a boombox. Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain was sometimes seen wearing a T-Shirt with the cover of a Daniel Johnston tape, the words “Hi, how are you?” and a quirky drawing. Johnston still produces art and music and is often called “genius” and “brilliant”.

Contributor: Satori

These Three Guys Have Built An Epic Two-Storey Treehouse 85 Feet In The Air

So jealous.

1. These young chaps have built a two-storey tree house, 85ft in the air.

These young chaps have built a two-storey tree house, 85ft in the air.

View this image ›

INS News Agency Ltd

From left to right, Alden Conley, Harry Court and Dougie Haynes built the treehouse in the Oxfordshire countryside, near Bicester.

2. It has a front door, windows and a spiral staircase to the second floor.

It has a front door, windows and a spiral staircase to the second floor.

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INS News Agency Ltd

3. It’s even got a viewing platform.

It's even got a viewing platform.

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INS News Agency Ltd

4. It’s pretty impressive.

It's pretty impressive.

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INS News Agency Ltd

5. Except it’s going to have to come down soon.

Except it's going to have to come down soon.

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INS News Agency Ltd

The insurance company which looks after the land on which it’s built has raised an issue. The house will have to be felled as the insurance company said the farmer who owns the land would be liable for any injuries if someone fell.

These Mind Blowing Infographics Will Change The Way You See Your Favorite Companies

1. This simple flowchart shows that nearly every product we consume on a daily basis is owned by the same 10 corporations.

From this Reddit post, “The Illusion of Choice.”

2. And this infographic by Frugal Dad shows that 90% of our media is controlled by the same 6 conglomerates.


See the full Frugal Dad infographic here, via Business Insider.

3. 10 large American financial institutions hold 54 percent of America’s total financial assets.

According to this Mother Jones special report.

4. This nifty chart shows the emotions that brands seek to elicit through their logos.

According to the Daily Infographic.

5. And, most importantly, this is a breakdown of the brands mentioned by Jay Z in his albums over the years.

According to Vanity Fair.

No matter how much time and effort we put into fitting in with society, we all have days where it feels like sweatpants are the best we can do. These people here, however, take not caring to a whole new level.

They look ridiculous but rock it anyway…

People Who Don't Care 20

People Who Don't Care 02

People Who Don't Care 23

People Who Don't Care 25

People Who Don't Care 29

They prove that taking a few extra steps to the cleaning closet is totally unnecessary…

People Who Don't Care 30

Their goals are always realistic. Just ask Albert…

People Who Don't Care 38

They’ll sleep anytime, anywhere…

People Who Don't Care 03

People Who Don't Care 24

People Who Don't Care 26

They’ll lounge or take a bath in the most public place possible…

People Who Don't Care 04

People Who Don't Care 05

People Who Don't Care 08

People Who Don't Care 17

When they see a flood, they know exactly what to do…

People Who Don't Care 06

People Who Don't Care 28

People Who Don't Care 34

They know just how to address their Christmas gifts…

People Who Don't Care 09

They always find the best parking spot…

People Who Don't Care 12

They know that signs are for everyone else…

People Who Don't Care 13

People Who Don't Care 16

When there’s no chair in the store, they know the floor will do…

People Who Don't Care 14

People Who Don't Care 27

They’re the only ones who stick around to watch the tornado…

People Who Don't Care 15

They probably don’t peel string cheese before eating it either…

People Who Don't Care 18

They know there’s never a bad time for a margarita…

People Who Don't Care 35

…or taking your cat for a walk…with a martini.

People Who Don't Care 21

They ensure that the dinner table is always peaceful…for themselves.

People Who Don't Care 32

When you say “Jump!” they say “Why?”

People Who Don't Care 36

They offer constructive feedback…

People Who Don't Care 39

They never run out of birthday candles…

People Who Don't Care 41

And at the end of the day, they leave work just because they want to…

People Who Don't Care 07

Via: Distractify & Pleated-Jeans

Community Post: 10 "Sesame Street" Performances By Late, Great Celebrities

1. James Gandolfini faces his fears

He tells Zoe about the three things that scare him the most.

2. Sneak Peek Previews with Siskel & Ebert

Dueling critics Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel are all thumbs in this segment with Oscar and Telly. Argues Ebert: “I think there could be a lot of interesting thumbs sideways movies!” Siskel, of course, disagrees.

3. Michael Jackson celebrates Christmas with Oscar

The book he’s reading in this 1978 special? Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Ghosts but Were Afraid to Ask. MJ’s review? “It’s really trash.”

4. Lena Horne: Bein’ Green

A powerful, poignant performance. You’ll be as affected as Kermit.

5. Johnny Cash: Nasty Dan

Oscar: “Say, aren’t you Johnny Trash?” Cash: “Have a rotten day!”

6. Sally Ride: A is for Astronaut

7. Ray Charles: I Got a Song

Not to take anything away from Ray, but Burt plays a mean bass.

8. Gregory Hines demonstrates near and far…

…with his brother, Maurice.

9. Christopher Reeve on living as a quadriplegic

“With my chair and with my family and all my friends who help me I can do lots and lots of great stuff.”

10. Put Down the Duckie

The late comedians John Candy and Madeline Kahn (along with departed singer Celia Cruz and actor Gordon Jackson) enliven this star-studded 1988 PBS pledge drive special that neatly encapsulates late-eighties pop culture.

Community Post: First Look! "Game Of Thrones" Leaks Riverrun Set

For those not familiar with GRRM’s novels but are familiar with the show, Riverrun is the House Seat of the Tully family. So far we’ve met Catelyn Stark (Née Tully) and her breast feeding sister Lysa Arryn (Née Tully).

Bran notes their sigil as a fish during his infodump genealogy lesson in Season One and the Tully House words: Family, Duty, Honor.

So far HBO has announced casting for several long awaited members of the family, including Clive Russell as Cat’s wayward uncle Brynden and Tobias Menzies as the youngest Tully, Edmure. No announcement yet as to who will play patriarch Hoster.